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A luxurious foot care collection crafted with the finest natural ingredients, perfect for those who seek a touch of indulgence. Imbued with the essence of pure essential oils, this set includes a sublime body and foot scrub, foot cream, natural lava pumice stone, and foot soak salts.

The body/foot scrub contains organic sugars, oatmeal, lavender soap, along with enchanting hints of lavender and vanilla essential oils, and vitamin E. The foot cream, a nourishing elixir, incorporates shea and mango butter, organic coconut oil, castor oil, as well as USDA Organic peppermint and rosemary essential oils, and vitamin E.

The collection also features a natural lava pumice stone, perfect for smoothing calluses, and a foot soak salt, infused with healing essential oils. Journey into ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with this exquisite foot care set.

  • LOCAL PICK UP: is FREE. Orders can be picked up from Celina, Texas.

Vitamin E used is from wheat germ. While an allergic reaction is unlikely, if you have wheat intolerance, try a small patch on your skin before using on entire body

Kindly reuse/recycle glass jars. 

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