TALLOW Face Moisturizer Normal/Dry


Ingredients: 100% Grass fed Tallow, Raw, organic & unrefined Mango butter, USDA organic carrot seed essential oil, USDA organic Jojoba oil, 100% Pure essential.

How to use it:  First, using Organic Face oil (sold separately) cleanse your face using washcloth method. Pat dry.  Apply a very small amount of Tallow and massage in circular motion. Follow with a few drops of Face oil on top of Tallow to seal in moisture.  Avoid rubbing, instead gently pat as you want the oil going inside pores rather than sit on the surface. Final step- spray Organic Rose Hydrosol (sold separately) to set the oil and tallow in place.  

What is Tallow?

I highly recommend tallow moisturizer for those who have tried everything under the sun but still has dry skin, oily skin, break out in red spots and rashes. Tallow is compatible with our natural sebum and works with it, not against it, to soothe and repair aging or damaged skin without clogging pores.

The cows are Grass fed and Grass finished. Tallow rendered is from beef suet and is a type of cleaned and purified fat. It is extremely important that cows are grass “finished” not corn or grain.

Generally speaking, grass-fed and grass finished cows have more nutritional value than grain-fed; fat is no exception.

Tallow rendered from Grass Fed and Grass finished, beef benefits are:

  • Fat-Soluble vitamins A, D and K are especially found in high amounts in grass-fed beef tallow. These essential vitamins promote firm, smooth skin, contribute to skin cell regeneration, fight signs of aging, and help to soothe irritated and inflamed skin.
  • Vitamin E is a powerhouse antioxidant that fights inflammation and the effects of free radicals, acts as anti-aging, helps minimize scars, dark spots and also helps the skin stay hydrated.
  • The lipids in tallow are almost identical to that in human skin, making it extremely moisturizing down to the cellular level. Tallow is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores.
  • Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids supports skin’s barrier function, visibly plumping the skin, aids in skin repairs and regeneration, increases radiance, prevents moisture loss, reduces redness and irritation caused by environmental aggressors. Omega 9 is shown to improve skin elasticity and gives skin youthful look.
  • Vitamin B12 is necessary for healthy cell reproduction and helps prevent dark spots and pigmentation in the skin. This vitamin is also known to reduce inflammation and dryness and help soothe skin affected by acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Raw, Organic, unrefined Shea & Mango butter are considered Skin superfoods. Butters are in its raw form; therefore, it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps minimize irritation caused by dry weather, sun damage and eczema. Shea butter is also known to promote cell regeneration which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Carrot seeds essential oil: USDA organic carrot seed oil is known to have natural sun protection.

The combination of Essential oil has anti-aging properties to it that offers this tallow moisturizer additional benefits.

Who can use it?

Tallow can be used on all skin types, including oily skin, regardless of age and gender. With my non greasy formula, a little tallow goes a long way. If you notice your skin is getting greasy, reduce the amount.

what is included- Sizing options:

  • 2 ounces jar
  •  4-ounces jar.

How to use Face oil and Tallow together:

Directions: Wash your hands with soap focusing on cleaning your fingertips. Keep faucet running to get hot water. Do not rinse your face with water. Put one drop of oil on Q-tip to remove eye liner/ mascara. Put few drops directly on your face and gently massage your face for 30 seconds in circular motion, let oil sit for 10 seconds. Soak washcloth in hot water, wring it out and put hot washcloth on your face (temperature to your liking); let it sit for 20 seconds or so. Gently wipe with washcloth, repeating once again if needed; repeating the step until make up is completely removed. Rinse with cool water to close pores. Your face will not like this but it’s important to close pores with cool water. Pat dry with a clean towel. Apply a small amount of TALLOW Face moisturizer. A little goes a long way.  DAB about 3-4 drops of Face oil AFTER Tallow is fully absorbed. Please AVOID rubbing Face oil, instead, gently pat. The purpose of patting is so the Face oil goes inside the pores instead of the skin surface, thus, greasiness. Final step: Spray Organic Rose Hydrosol on your face (Sold separately).

This oil can easily be incorporated into your existing skin care regimen.

Kindly reuse/recycle the glass bottle.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not evaluated or approved by FDA. 

All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. If you are taking any medications or are under treatment for any disease, please consult your physician about possible complications or interaction before using these products. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathy Todryk
Love these products

I’ve been using the tallow & oil for a while now, and my face feels AMAZING! No dry skin issues! Love how the oil removes my makeup, leaving it feeling soft & supple! Highly recommend giving it a try!

Hello Kathy, I appreciate the time you took to write this feedback. I love how you followed my suggestions to the T. So happy that you saw results by using toxic free products. Look forward to seeing you again. Again thank you. Regards, Kiran

Meridith Bowling
Icing on top!

The tallow moisturizer is the best! Leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. I normally breakout with different products but have not since I found Body by Kiran! Highly recommend!

Hello Meridith, I want to thank you for writing this review. I am so happy to hear your skin did not break out. It looks like you already were using Non Toxic skin care products. Breakouts can be of several types. One of them is the harmless Purging. It simply means bacteria being pushed out from under skin layer and bringing it to the surface. So thankful for you putting trust in me. Again Thank you. Regards, Kiran

Fast Results and Feels Wonderful

In just one use I felt a difference. Im in my 40+ now and tried everything... This is by far my favorite!

Hi Jennifer, I LOVE that the Tallow and Face oil loved your skin right away. Thank you SO MUCH for this review and your lovely voicemail made my day. Thank you.

Carrie Mc
Love the tallow moisturizer ❤️

I have been using Kiran's face oil for a couple of years now. I recently added the new tallow moisturizer into my routine, and I am loving my results.
After cleansing with my oil, I apply the tallow moisturizer and then finish it off by patting some of the face oil over the tallow.
My skin GLOWS!!!
Kiran makes the best products for aging skin. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Kiran!!!!

Carrie, you were one of my very first customers when I started my skin care line. You have seen my baby business and now at this young stage you have tried my personal favorites. I feel truly humbled that you put your trust in my products.
I love that you incorporate Face oil with Tallow face moisturizer and seeing amazing results. Thank you for sharing your feedback- appreciate it.

Joni Boelscher
Trading in my Department store expensive cream!

I just started using the tallow cream and am excited to see long term benefits from this product. I have been trying to clean up my skin care products and I actually returned my high end Nordstrom skin care now that I have found Body Care by Kiran!

Hi Joni, WOW!!!!! This review is such music to my ears.... So glad you recognize the importance of clean skin care products. I appreciate you giving my Tallow Face moisturizer a chance and even more so glad that you saw immediate results. When we met at the Merry market (Local vendor event) I was impressed with the questions you had before you decided to purchase the Tallow. I look forward to hearing from you soon and can't wait for you to try the next product (Face oil) which works beautifully along with Tallow.