Night Time Body Oil


How to use:  It is very important to SHAKE WELL. Apply few drops on specific areas: First: count four fingers width up your leg above your ankle, apply deep pressure massaging up & down motions for 5 seconds.

Second apply on sole of feet -locate a small depression that appears just above the middle of your foot when you curl your toes inward. Massage this area for a few minutes. By massaging these pressure points, it helps ground your energy and induce sleep.

This oil is diluted at 4% safe levels. If using for children under 13 years, It can be further diluted using carrier oil of your choice. The dilution ration can be one dropper full of body oil to 3 parts carrier oil. (1:3)

Who can use:  Ages 13 & above

Please do patch test before applying all over

Sizing options:

  • 1-ounce Glass bottle.
  • 2-ounce Glass bottle (please email me for this size)

Ingredients:  Grapeseed oil Non GMO,Lavender oil ( Spanish Marjoram oil, Ylang Ylang, Copiaba Oil, Roman chamomile, Rue oil, and Sandalwood oil.

Benefits of using this: This blend is made with pure and premium quality essential oils. It has combination of oils that are soothing and calming.

  • Lavender is known to have calming properties. Lavender when used along with Roman chamomile may increase the quality and duration of a person’s sleep.
  • Marjoram is known to have strong sedative that may stimulate and release serotonin, which may improve mood & assists in good night sleep
  •  Ylang Ylang is known to reduce stress and induce calmness.
  • Copaiba  has a delightful aroma that many people find sweet and reminiscent of warm honey. This wonderful fragrance when applied to temples and bottom of feet, may help relieve feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Roman Chamomile has been widely used for its calming properties
  • RUE is considered to assist with sleeping disorders.
  • Sandalwood – the sweet, woody scent helps create a soothing atmosphere and makes it easier to relax before sleep. The fragrant properties help relax the muscles in throat and nose, allowing air to flow, thus reducing snoring. It boosts mental clarity allowing thoughts to be less cluttered before bedtime.

Other Product recommended:  Pillow Spray (Lavender-Free).

According to my personal observation, if you wear Lavender during the day, it will not work as Go-to-sleep Lavender at night. The reason why I offer Lavender Free options for nighttime oil and spray.

Please reuse/ recycle glass bottle and plastic parts.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not evaluated or approved by FDA.

All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. If you are taking any medications or are under treatment for any disease, please consult your physician about possible complications or interaction before using these products. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

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