Teacher Gift/Lotion Bar and One $5 Starbucks Gift Card


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Discover the Wonders of this Enchanting Package:

Unveiling the treasures within this package, you will find:

  • A heart-shaped lotion bar, weighing 21 grams, nestled in a 2-ounce container.
  • A $5 Starbucks gift card, a thoughtful gesture to the lucky recipient.
  • All these delights are enclosed in a delicate sheer gift bag.

Introducing our natural and enchanting potion, made from only the finest ingredients. Our luxurious lotion bar features rich and organic shea and mango butter, blended with triple-filtered beeswax. We’ve also added in cold-pressed and unrefined virgin coconut oil, along with castor oil (Hexane-free), which gives it a bewitching hydration. Our alchemy is infused with pure Vitamin E oil, and we’ve topped it off with the delightful scents of organic Lavender essential oil and Vanilla essential oil, to create a truly magical concoction.

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