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Body Care by Kiran

Beard oil for DRY/BRITTLE

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How to use: Best when applied to damp beard (after shower/ washing face). 

For short beard (3" length or less): Start with 3 drops

Medium beard 3"to 8"beard length): 7-8 drops

Long beard over 8": 9-10 drops

Who can use: For Dry/Brittle-Dandruff or just for hydration, non-greasy formula

Sizing options: 

  • 1 fluid ounce (recommended for first time purchase)
  • 2 fluid ounce

Ingredients: Organic, cold-pressed Rose Rubiginosa-(Rosehip seed oil), Grapeseed oil, Organic, cold-pressed Simmondsia chinensis ( Jojoja oil), organic, cold-pressed Prunus Armeniaca kernel (Apricot Kernel oil), Hexane-free Castor oil, Premium Vitamin E 75,000IU, Pure essential oils: Atlas Cedarwood and Bergomont.

The benefits of each oil used: 

ALL OILS ARE ORGANIC AND COLD-PRESSED (except Grapeseed oil) leaving behind the natural hydrating and healing properties in the oil.

Rosehip Seed oil:

  • Eliminates dandruff or itchy spots
  • Provides shine & moisturize to beard
  • The astringent property of Rosehip helps tighten pores and brightens skin
  • Rich in antioxidant as it prevents premature graying of hair and prevents hair breakage 

Jojoba oil

  • this oil is infused with omega 9 fatty acids, Vitamin A,B,D, and E.
  • Protects sun protection (not a sunscreen)
  • Jojoba oil mimics the natural oil of the skin (sebum) and is said to regulate skin oil production.

Apricot Kernel oil:

  • Contains roughly 2/3 omega 9(Oleic) & Omega 6 fatty acid (linoleic)
  • Has the richest Vitamin B17 of all plants, plus Vitamin A, B, and E
  • This beautiful oil can rejuvenate inflamed and DRY, BRITTLE hair and may relieve beard ITCH & DANDRUFF

Grapeseed Oil:

  • Helps in unclogging pores, and prevents breakouts if any
  • Contains 2/3 s Omega 6 and 15% Omega 9.

Castor oil

  • Exceptional oil filled with nutrients like Vitamin C, E, B6, B7and uniquely includes a rich 90% Omega 9 fatty acids that seals in moisture to thicken hair, prevent breakage, and split ends
  • It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties

 Essential Oils: 

  • Pure Atlas Cedarwood essential oil helps stimulate hair follicles and increase blood circulation to the skin under beard, which promotes hair growth. Great choice for thinning hair. Its antiseptic (ideal for acne), lastly, it's a good bug repellant.
  • Pure Bergamot essential oil

Customer Reviews

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John Brill
Great product

I have been using the beard oil and it has made a big difference!! I strongly recommend using the beard oil it helped to manage it and made it softer!!

Thank you so much for taking the time in sharing your feedback.