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Body Care by Kiran

Underarm Salve- Lavender Vanilla 15 ML

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How to use: Apply to clean & dry underarms.

Since this salve is made with all natural ingredients, the texture is a little different than traditional underarm salves ( Deodorant). Depending on room temperature, the salve can harden or soften. Let the stick sit on underarm for few seconds to melt the Shea butter and gently rub it in. After a minute of application some may notice white line, dab that with clean Kleenex. The white line is from Kaolin Clay which works to collect the moisture ( sweat). Reapply a thin layer again. Now you are set to go. Repeat as often as needed.

Who can use: 10 years & above. Suitable for all skin types

Detox :If you are switching from an aluminum- anti-perspirant, please be patient as your clogged pores goes through detoxification. I strongly recommend detoxing your underarms for all natural salve to fully work. If you wish to detox please search for ways to detox underarm. I personally like to make a paste with Apple Cider Vinegar ( with the mother) & Bentonite clay.


  • 2 ounce
  • 0.51oz/ 15 ML (recommended for first time purchase)¬†

Ingredients: Raw. Organic, Unrefined Shea  butter, Grapeseed oil, Beeswax, Arrowroot powder, USDA Organic, Kaolin Clay (Additives Free- NOT on Prop 65 list), Premium pure Vitamin E oil* ( D-Alpha-Tocopherol), USDA Organic Lavender Essential oil, Vanilla Essential oil.

* Vitamin E used is from wheat germ. While an allergic reaction is unlikely, if you have wheat intolerance, try a small patch on your skin before using on entire body

please recycle the container.

Customer Reviews

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High Quality!

Smell is amazing! It holds well for me, does not spot my clothes, its clean of toxic things. I miss the first one you did, it was amazing too!! Are you having it back any time soon?

Hi Tatiana. I will be making a new batch for you without the Kaolin Clay. Thank you for letting me know what you like the most-truly appreciate it.