Botanical Powder Face Pack


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This jar is packed with botanical powders.  Here’s how to work the magic in this product: Take half a tablespoon powder & mix with your liquid soulmate (think honey & banana; honey & egg white {add a drop of essential oil}; fresh avocado, banana, papaya and honey, Aloe or yogurt) to create a velvety paste.

Spread it over your lovely face & neck & lay down while it dries.

Let it sit for 15 min, wet your face & gently scrub off the pack, rinse with a cool splash, pat dry.

Next, spritz on our Rose Hydrosol, mix a drop of our Face Oil in Tallow Face moisturizer (sold separately) for the ultimate glow-up!

Gentle enough to use twice a week.

As the powder will be combined with fruits and eggs, it is advisable to wash your face in the kitchen sink to avoid clogging the bathroom sink.

Store the jar tightly closed in a dry and cool place.

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