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How to use: Using a spatula, scoop a small amount and massage into skin. Best when applied to damp skin. Due to rich creamy formula, a little goes a long way. Please avoid putting fingers inside the jar to keep it shelf stable.

Who can use: Suitable for all skin types.  Great choice for children.

Sizing: 4 ounces.

Ingredients: Raw, unrefined, Organic Shea & Mango butter, Organic, cold-pressed, unrefined Coconut oil, Non-GMO Arrowroot powder, Premium and 100% Pure Vitamin E oil, USDA Organic Pure Lavender essential oil. 

Benefits of product: A luxuriously hydrating body butter made with:

  • Organic, raw, unrefined Shea and Mango butter used in this formula are in its purest form and least processed.  These butters help promote cell regeneration which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The butter in its raw form has anti-inflammatory properties which helps minimizes irritation caused by dry weather, sun damage and eczema.
  • It is thought that shea butter stops Keloid Fibroblasts-Scar tissye-from reproducing and encourages healthy cell growth to take their place, this helps skin to heal and minimize appearance of Pregnancy Stretch marks.
  • organic, cold-pressed, virgin, unrefined coconut oil that is famously known as a magical elixir to soften and deliver phytonutrient compound that can help aging skin
  • premium 100% pure vitamin E oil * D-alpha tocopherol at 75,000 IU helps with skin hydration, discoloration, replenish dry, mature and sensitive skin. 
  • perfect for any skin type due to its non-greasy yet hydrating formula.

Vitamin E used is from wheat germ. While an allergic reaction is unlikely, if you have wheat intolerance, try a small patch on your skin before using on entire body

Kindly reuse/recycle glass jars. All glass jars are washed prior to filling.

All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. If you are taking any medications or are under treatment for any disease, please consult your physician about possible complications or interaction before using these products. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenn Lopez
What a delightful package!

I ordered several items and will be ordering again! Absolutely loved the scents of everything! This body butter is so light and hydrates IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you, Jenn, for taking the time to share your delightful feedback :) Lavender Body Butter is one of my daughter's absolute favorites.

Dwayne Ratcliff
Great Product

I was walking around the Frisco Fresh Market (location Kiran sales her product on weekends) and noticed I had an issue of dry skin (otherwise called “ash”). I stopped by her stall and she took the time to educate me on the differences of body butter versus the lotion. She also took the time to insure I knew how to apply rather than just putting on my body. I very much appreciate the time you took to educate me and I love Lavender Body Butter.

Thank you, Dwayne, for sharing your feedback! I am glad the Lavender Whipped Body butter is helping to address your skin concern. I appreciate questions you asked me about how to use the body butter because there are so many products on the market that are intended to use in different ways. Look forward to seeing you again at the market.

Marinda Griffin

I had a sunburn and applied this to it for instant relief. On top of relief my sunburn was healed the next day! It is my go to for lotion, love how light and airy it is. You will buy it over and over!

Hi Marinda,
I appreciate you taking the time to write the review about Whipped Body butter. Shea butter when used in Organic, raw, unrefined form- has Anti-Inflammatory properties- minimizes irritation caused by dry weather, SUN DAMAGE, eczema & such. Also, I read that Shea butter stops Keloid Fibroblasts—SCAR TISSUE—from reproducing & encourages healthy cell growth to take their place. (( I am not making claims so putting the disclaimer out there.)) but when you use pure products that has not been altered, amazing results can be seen and felt.

Larry Range

My wife loves it. I bought it for her. She wants to know if you still have the vanilla variety. She had that first and would like some more.

Hello Larry, thank you for review, truly appreciate it.

I make whipped Vanilla body butter made with cocoa, mango & shea butter. Below is the direct link to the vanilla body butter.



I have been using this body butter for a while now and the way that it makes my skin feel is nothing short of amazing. It’s not to oily and it keeps the moisture. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out on the experience!

Thank you, Shawnta, for sharing your feedback!

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